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Acting' officials common throughout Trump Administration. With a new Acting Secretary of Defense taking charge at the Pentagon on Monday, the Trump Administration continues to feature a number of leaders in top federal agencies and departments of the Executive Branch who have been appointed on a temporary basis, many without ever being officially nominated to fill that position.

For President Donald Trump, that's not a bad thing. A lot easier to do things,' the President told reporters last week when Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan withdrew as a possible nominee for the post Defense Secretary. Some in Congress - in both parties - see it differently. Dick Durbin D-IL. Experts on the workings of government see the trend in 'Acting' officials in simple terms - it's a question of power. But the Federal Vacancies Reform Act puts a limit of days on how long there can be 'acting' officials in some of these posts, though there are a variety of ways to circumvent that time frame.

Here are some examples from federal agencies and departments on what their leadership rosters look like: 1. The Department of Defense. While that nomination is not official as yet, two things should be noted: because of the laws governing how long someone can temporarily fill that job, Esper might only be able to serve as 'Acting Secretary' until July And if he is officially nominated for the post, someone else would have to take that 'Acting' job during his confirmation process.

At the Pentagon, that's not the only top job with a temporary appointee. The number two slot of Deputy Secretary of Defense - that was Shanahan's old job - is being temporarily filled by the military's Comptroller David Norquist, who is 'Performing the Duties of the Deputy Secretary of Defense. In terms of the service branches, there is an Acting Secretary of the Air Force, and with the Army Secretary moving up, there will soon be an Acting Secretary of the Army as well.

In other words, much of the Pentagon leadership is in an 'acting' mode at this point - and will be that way for months to come. Department of Homeland Security. In terms of high-profile positions in the Trump Administration, DHS may be the most clear cut example of where temporary leaders are being used. He's well respected, but has not been nominated for the DHS post. USCIS - the agency for legal immigration - is led by an Acting official who has not been nominated for the post. His top deputy is an Acting Deputy Director.

Interior Department. Like the Department of Homeland Security, the Interior Department has a series of agencies with temporary leaders. President Trump has not sent the Senate a new nominee for the Park Service in as yet. It's the same story at Fish and Wildlife Service.

In charge, but not nominated. There are plenty of examples in federal departments and agencies of officials being charge, with no nominee in the pipeline before the U. Senate, as it's not a question of delays on Capitol Hill for why a top official is not in a certain federal post. Norman Sharpless is the acting head of the Food and Drug Administration; there is no nominee for the position.

One could rattle off many more 'acting' officials in various Undersecretary, Assistant Secretary, and Deputy Secretary jobs in the federal government. How long can people serve in an 'Acting' capacity? The Federal Vacancies Reform Act says days - but there are a lot of ways that can be extended, or the clock can be reset. Office of Personnel Management.

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This may be one of the most interesting situations where a federal agency has an acting leader. OPM is basically the Human Resources department for the federal government, and the temporary leader in charge is also serving as a top White House official, pressing a plan to entirely get rid of the department. Action on humanitarian aid uncertain as Democrats unveil funding plan. Government, but it's not clear if Congress will act before the end of June as lawmakers get ready to leave town for a July Fourth break.

As the weekend arrived, the new bill from Democrats was not yet scheduled for a vote in the full House; in the GOP-led Senate, there was no date certain either for when a vote might take place on the extra money, as outside groups demanded immediate action. The bills from both the House and Senate are only about money - as they don't include any changes to immigration laws demanded by President Trump and GOP lawmakers in the Congress. This will not secure our nation,' Roy said. But the extra immigration law reforms desired by Roy - and demanded by the President - have not moved ahead in either the House or Senate.

Lindsey Graham R-SC , who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee, had wanted to press ahead on a bill to deal with immigration law changes, but delayed that on Wednesday, saying he was trying to work out a bipartisan agreement with the White House. It's left both parties pointing the finger of blame at each other, with no guarantee of action even on money for humanitarian needs.

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With Congress as yet unable to act, the Governor of Texas on Friday authorized the dispatch of 1, National Guard soldiers to go help at the border. Greg Abbott said. GOP budget cuts fall short among Republicans in Congress. Even as Republicans sternly criticize Democrats for failing to reach a deal with the White House on overall government funding for next year, GOP efforts to make cuts in funding bills brought to the House floor by Democrats in recent days haven't come close to being approved, leaving Republicans clearly divided on their call to cut spending. Jodi Hice R-GA , who offered an amendment to cut spending on one funding bill by The Hice vote was not an anomaly, as other Republican lawmakers didn't fare much better with their efforts to trim back spending on the House floor.

That mustered votes, with against. His next try was a proposed 14 percent cut in agriculture programs. That received only votes, with against.

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Banks has offered a 14 percent cut to two different spending 'minibus' packages on the House floor over the past two weeks, but has not yet been able to gather the support of even one-third of the House on any of those budget cutting efforts. His proposed plan for a 14 percent cut in environment and interior programs - like the National Park Service - lost on a vote of , with 65 Republicans voting against his amendment.

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  7. David Joyce R-OH , who singled out the need to fund the maintenance backlog at national parks, and said proposals like the ones from his GOP colleagues would lead to 'drastic cuts' in needed programs. The atmospherics which ran against GOP budget cutters was evidently so acute that Rep. Glenn Grothman R-WI - who won the right to offer two different amendments to cut billions from the spending package - didn't even offer his amendments for a vote on the House floor. Push for pay raise in Congress runs into Senate roadblock. While leaders of both parties in the U.

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    But even as McConnell made clear his opposition, the top Republican in the House wasn't giving up on the change in lawmaker pay. House leaders had planned earlier this month to bring forward a funding bill for the Congress - with no language to block the yearly pay raise - but the bill was yanked from a package of spending bills after concerns were raised by rank-and-file lawmakers. The plan for now is to try that maneuver next week, which could still create a situation where all House members have to go on the record about pay increase. Ex-Senate aide gets 4 years as second staffer is charged in Kavanaugh-related doxxing.

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