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Order by Friday to get our best prices! Happy Thanksgiving! Warlord City of Gold Arriving Monday! Naruto Tournament Pack 2 Orders Due. Star Wars Galaxy 6 Coming Soon! WoW Worldbreaker Update! Naruto Path of Pain In Stock! Pokemon Triumphant Shipping Today. Highlander 2nd Edition Prices Reduced! Legends of Marvel Series 2 On Sale! WoW Worldbreaker Orders Due! Board Games Back In Stock! Marvel Heroes and Villains In Stock! Naruto Path of Pain Orders Due. Warlord City of Gold On Sale! Eclipse Series 2 Trading Cards Delayed.

Shadowfist Booster Restock Arrives Today! World of Warcraft Icecrown In Stock! L5R Kyuden Tonbo Update. All pre-orders have shipped. Pre-Selling Naruto Path of Pain! Lost Archives Releases Tomorrow! Cthulhu Secrets of Arkham In Stock! Elvis Milestones On Sale! World of Warcraft Wrathgate Shipping Today! KMC Restock Arrives! Lost Archives Signers Announced! Lost Archives On Sale! Wacky Set In August! New Moon 2 Cards On Sale! Women of Star Trek Sold Out! We will process all orders on Thursday, February 11 when we reopen. We apologize for any inconvenience.

This Week's Fantasy Flight Arrivals. New Star Wars Galaxy 5 Images. Pre-Selling Highlander Season 4! Star Wars Galaxy 5 On Sale!

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New Moon In Stock! Pre-Selling Lost Seasons 1 Thru 5! Get a free gift with your next order! Use coupon code at checkout. Komplete Kiss Sets On Sale. Stargate Heroes On Sale! Pre-Selling Pokemon Platinum Arceus! Epic Time Wars Arrives Tomorrow. Fantasy Flight Supplies Arrive.

X Tins In Stock.

Lost Seasons 1 Thru 5 Coming In L5R Celestial Update. Kingdom Hearts Break of Dawn Update. Numerous Sets Selling Out! Battlestar Galactica Season 4 Ships. Tough-to-Find Items Restocked! Highlander Season 3 Arriving Next Week. Kiss Ikons In Stock! Vampire Ebony Kingdom Update.

Miniatures On Sale! Our Lowest Prices Ever! Babylon 5 Boosters Restocked! Transformers Card News. Clout Restock Arrives. More Hard-To-Find Restocks! On Sale.

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Magic Conflux Coming Soon! L5R Glory of the Empire Update. Daily Update Rittenhouse just released some additional news about its upcoming James Bond Archives set. Olga Kurylenko, Camille from Quantum of Solace, has been added to what was already a strong autograph lineup for this set. It looks like we should have the new Highlander expansion, Search for Vengeance in stock by Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. As always, we will ship pre-orders out the same day that we receive our shipment from the manufacturer.

Daily Update We found out today that the next Chaotic expansion, Rise of the Oligarch , is on the way to us. The set officially releases on Wednesday, December 17th. So pre-orders should be shipping out around the middle of next week. Every box will include 2 costume cards and 2 autograph cards! The card base set will cover all 22 Bond films. Every box will include a case topper featuring an authentic piece of the windshield from Bond's Aston Martin in Quantum of Solace.

Customers pre-ordering 3 cases will receive a free Judi Dench autograph card. Customers who pre-order 6 cases will receive a free Famke Janssen autograph card. And customers pre-ordering 25 cases will receive a free Archive box! It will include all pack-inserted autograph and costume cards, plus an exclusive John Rhys-Davies autograph card!

Pre-Order James Bond Archives here! We have extra starters in stock for customers who didn't get a chance to pre-order them. We've still got Core set boosters and starters in stock as well. Rittenhouse's Star Trek Movies in Motion cards officially released today. Speaking of sold out, we picked up a few boxes of Twilight trading cards earlier this week from one of our secondary sources. We sold out of our restock within 24 hours.

Inkworks sold out of this set within a few days of the official release date, and it looks like it is going to be a hot product at least through the holidays. Monsterpocalypse fans will be able to wreak havoc on the Big Apple in March. The set will include several New York City landmarks. We were sold out of this hot new expansion for a brief time, but the good news is that we expect more to arrive tomorrow. We are once again accepting pre-orders for Topps' President Obama trading card set. Topps will be releasing this set the first week in January. All pre-orders were shipped earlier this week.

We have a limited number of boxes left to sell. While this set hasn't received the hype that the Indiana Jones Heritage and Crystal Skull sets received earlier this year, it looks like a solid set. If you are thinking of pre-ordering Topps' upcoming Star Wars Galaxy 4 trading cards, please get your order in as soon as possible. This set is selling very well, and we will be giving Topps our order soon.

We won't be surprised if we sell out of this product before it releases. If you are looking for a cost effective way to pick up a box or two of your favorite ccg or non-sport cards, check out our Damaged Boxes at Discount Prices list. We sometimes receive boxes that have corner dings and other minor imperfections.

Boxes that don't measure up to our high standards end up on this list. You can save a few dollars by purchasing a damaged box, and in some cases you might not even find anything damaged! If you don't find what you want, check back often. We add items to the list every few days. We shipped cards out to all customers who qualified to receive free 4-case and case incentives. We have one Bard sketch card available for sale. These cards were done in oil, so they have a very unique look in person. The scan doesn't reveal the actual texture of the card that you can see when you have it in your hand.

We've been impressed with the popularity of Inkworks' Twilight trading card set. It arrived just before Thanksgiving and has already proven to be one of the top non-sport releases of The huge build up surrounding the movie had to have helped this release. We've added quite a few new gaming products to our pre-sale list over the past few days.

Dragon Ball customers should note that the next expansion, Destructive Fury, is due out in January. Monsterpocalypse fans can look for blue and red accessory packs to arrive next week. It was previously scheduled to arrive on December 10th. Every box will include either 1 autograph and 1 pieceworks card, 1 autograph and 1 sketch card, or 1 sketch card and 1 pieceworks card!

There are 11 different pieceworks cards, including a dual pieceworks card featuring robes worn by Samuel L. Jackson and Scarlett Johansson. Twenty-four different sketch artists have contributed to the set as well. Customers pre-ordering 3 cases receive one of two special pieceworks cards featuring either the tie or hat worn by Gabriel Macht as The Spirit!

Pre-Order The Spirit here! We will reopen on Monday, December 1. We hope that all of our customers a Happy Thanksgiving! The 90 card set will cover Obama's life from childhood to the White House, and will include Obama quotes and slogans, key moments from the campaign, and profiles of V. Biden and cabinet members. Each pack will include 6 cards and 1 sticker. Click here to pre-order! Rittenhouse Archives announced today that it is increasing the number of guaranteed autographs in Star Trek Movies in Motion boxes from 2 to 3! Rittenhouse also announced that 10 archive boxes will be randomly inserted into the production run!

Topps has pushed the release of the upcoming Star Wars Galaxy Series 4 set back from the last week in January to February 11th. Pre-Order Galaxy 4 here! All pre-orders that weren't tied to other unreleased products have been shipped! Order A Game of Thrones items here! Eye of Judgment Series 3 Delayed We just received word that Eye of Judgment Biolith Rebellion Series 3, which was originally scheduled to arrive today, has been delayed. It is now expected to arrive by December 15th. The new set will feature the new L5R card design and will be legal in both the Samurai Edition and upcoming Celestial Edition tournament arcs.

Booster boxes, sealed box booster cases, starter boxes, and 3-deck starter sets Crab, Crane, and Phoenix are available. Glory of the Empire is expected to release on January 19th.

Stein Mart Coupons January 2018

Pre-Order Glory of the Empire here! This is your first chance to get the upcoming Crossroads of Chaos booster packs! Each tin includes 2 Crossroads of Chaos packs, 1 Duelist Genesis pack, 1 Phantom Darkness pack, 1 Light of Destruction pack, 1 secret rare variant pack, and a promo pack that contains a tournament coupon and 3 of 9 possible promo cards.

Order the Series 2 tins here! The long awaited second expansion for the Kingdom Hearts trading card game, Light and Darkness , has arrived! Pre-orders will be shipped today. We have boxes and sealed 6-box cases in stock if you still need to place your order. Changes Announced to Inkworks Twilight Set! Inkworks informed us yesterday of several major changes to its upcoming Twilight trading card set. Autograph cards, which Inkworks had originally expected to include, will not be part of the Twilight set. Pieceworks cards will still be included and found one per box.

Inkworks has also pushed the release of this set back a week from November 19th to November 26th. If you have already placed a pre-order for Twilight, we will be contacting you to soon to confirm your order based on the new information and pricing. Pre-Order Twilight here! Topps plans to release the set on January 21st. Every box will include 1 sketch or shaped sketch card! The card base set will include over 50 pieces of newly commissioned art, the best of published Star Wars art, Lucasfilm Production art, and content from the Art of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

The new World of Warcraft expansion, Drums of War, has arrived! We have extra boosters and starters available for any customers who have not yet placed their order! Order Drums of War here! Daily Update We have a few updated release dates to report today: Fantastic Four Archives is now releasing on November 19th. It was previously scheduled to arrive on November 5th. It was previously slated to release on November 5th. The product was originally scheduled to arrive today! All pre-orders have been shipped.

If you haven't ordered Zombie World yet, you still can! We have a limited number of boxes still available. Order Zombie World here! We were recently informed by our supplier that the product would be allocated and shipped in waves - meaning we won't get as much product in mid-November when it first arrives as we had originally expected. As a result, we have stopped accepting pre-orders for the Core Set minis for now, so that we can fill all of the orders we have already taken.

If you've already placed a pre-order, we expect to fill your entire order. If you haven't placed an order yet, click here , enter your email address, and check off the Warcraft Minis products you are interested in. We will email you as soon as we have more product available to sell. Request email notification when we restock! If you haven't placed your pre-order yet, it isn't too late! Click here to order! We have the Robo Fury dragons in standard size as well. You've ridden on tigers, turtles, and rockets.

Now's your chance to ride on a battle bear! Upper Deck has announced details of the loot cards found in the upcoming World of Warcraft Drums of War expansion. The rare loot card in the set is The Red Bearon , which allows online players to purchase a normal or epic version of the new mount. The uncommon loot card is the Flag of Ownership. After defeating an opponent, a player can plant the flag which displays a "thumb's down" in his corpse to taunt him.

The super common loot card is Slashdance , which gives players party G. When thrown characters in the target area dance for a minute among streamers and confetti. Drums of War is due out in late October. Boosters and Battle Decks Starters are available. Pre-Order Drums of War here! This multi-player game features game play based around a character "avatar" who uses different troop, influence and power cards to battle against opponent players.

The game features ergonomically designed, premium quality trading cards, including holographic foils. Gameplay is enhanced by a "Gold Point Redemption" prize system, where unique codes from certain "Gold Key" cards can be entered online to win prizes such as I-Pods, Game Consoles, and the top prize, a Dodge Charger! Rittenhouse Guarantees 2 Autographs in Bond Boxes Rittenhouse Archives has just announced that it will be adding a second guaranteed autograph to every box of James Bond In Motion trading cards!

This set's release is just around the corner October 29th , so place your order today. Pre-Order Clone Wars stickers here! Wacky Packages Flashback 2 On Sale! In addition to the sticker base set, collectors can look for Wacky Motion cards, Original Printing Plates, and Wacky Wild Parallels in Electric Green found packs, Hot Pink found packs, Silver found packs, and Gold limited to approximately 41 of each subject. Every box will include 2 autograph cards! Customers pre-ordering 6 cases receive a Leonard Nimoy Spock autograph card. Magic: Shards of Alara In Stock! Shards of Alara has arrived!

All pre-orders are shipping today. If you didn't pre-order the newest Magic expansion, it's not too late. We have boosters, tournament starters, intro packs, and fat packs available to ship immediately! Pre-Order Supernatural Season 3 here! Indiana Jones Masterpieces Update Topps has announced that every box of Indiana Jones Masterpieces is guaranteed to include a sketch card or panoramic sketch card! If you haven't placed your pre-order yet, there is still time! We have a limited number of boosters and starters still available to sell that will ship on the release date.

Indiana Jones Masterpieces On Sale! Topps has announced details of the upcoming Indiana Jones Masterpieces trading card set. Due out on December 3rd, the set features newly commissioned art, art from the Marvel and Dark Horse Indiana Jones comics, and production art from the films. Every box will include an original hand-drawn sketch card! Once again Topps is including a 1 of 1 triple signed Lucas, Spielberg, Ford autograph card!

Pre-Order Indy Masterpieces here! For the first time, certain Raid Deck cards will also be tournament legal outside of the Raid Deck format. Batman Archives In Stock! Rittenhouse Archives' latest set, Batman Archives, is in stock. We have boxes and cases of this very limited product just 7, boxes produced still available. Order Batman Archives here! Naruto Approaching Wind On Sale! Bandai will release its next Naruto expansion in two parts. The Approaching Wind theme decks are scheduled to release in late October.

There will be 4 different theme decks available, and each will include a super-rare card and 3 additional cards that are exclusive to the starters and not available in booster packs. Boosters are expected to arrive in mid-November. Each pack will include 1 holographic foil card, 1 gold-stamped rare card, 2 uncommon cards, and 6 common cards. Approaching Wind is the first Naruto set to include characters from Shippuden tv episodes.

Pre-Order Approaching Wind here! Pre-Selling Pokemon Stormfront! The next Pokemon expansion, Stormfront, is scheduled to arrive the first week in November. Stormfront introduces more powerful Pokemon LV. New strategies and options like Trainer cards that can be played in pairs and Pokemon with Items that provide added benefits will also be introduced.

Theme decks will feature Gyarados and Tyranitar. Pre-Order Pokemon Stormfront here! New Supernatural Season 3 Details Released! Inkworks has announced a list of autograph contributors for its upcoming Supernatural Season Three trading card set. Every box will include 1 Autograph card and 1 Pieceworks card! Inkworks has also announced two case incentive offers. Customers pre-ordering 2 cases will receive one of two special Pieceworks cards featuring a shirt worn by either Jared Padalecki or Jensen Ackles.

Place your order here! Each case includes 12 tins. Twilight Movie Cards On Sale!

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Inkworks has announced plans to release a Twlight trading card set based on the upcoming Vampire-themed movie of the same name. Hobby boxes will include a chance to find Autograph and Pieceworks cards as well as several other bonus card sets. We will post more details about the set, which is due out on November 19th, as Inkworks releases them. Boxes and sealed box cases are available for pre-order now! Click here to pre-order Twilight!

Customer Referral Program We invite you to take part in our customer referral program! Store credit can be applied to any order at any time, or split across multiple orders. Offer is limited to one new customer per household. This is a limited time offer, so start spreading the word! Keepers of Tradition will be sold in booster boxes and preconstructed starter boxes. Starters will include 8 decks two decks each from four different clans - Brujah, Malkavian, Toreador, and Ventrue. Decks will include at least 24 starter exclusive cards.

There will be cards in the new set. Batman Archives On Sale! We are now accepting pre-orders for Rittenhouse Archives' much anticipated Batman Archives trading cards. Every box will include a hand-drawn colored sketch card from one of more than 30 different artists! Customers pre-ordering 3 cases will receive a one-of-a-kind hand painted card by Mark McHaley, and customers pre-ordering 9 cases will receive a one-of-a-kind hand drawn sketch card by Dick Giordano. Each case will also include an exclusive autograph card signed by Jerry Robinson. Only 7, boxes of this product are being produced!

Pre-Order Batman Archives here! In addition to a card base set, collectors will find foil stickers, die-cut magnets, temporary tattoos, and die-cut pop ups inside packs. Click here to pre-order Clone Wars stickers! Pre-Selling Magic Shards of Alara! The next major Magic release, Shards of Alara, is scheduled to arrive in early October. Wizards of the Coast is introducing several new changes with this release, including the arrival of an Intro Pack that serves as a replacement for theme decks.

Each Intro Pack display includes 5 packs - one of each of the 5 available. The other major change being introduced is the inclusion of Mythic Rare cards - a new rarity level. A Mythic Rare will replace a rare card in one of every eight booster packs. Click here to pre-order Shards of Alara! We will ship pre-orders on September 22nd. On Thursday, August 28th, our prices will go up! Place your pre-order today and save! Pre-Order Heaven's Will here! Originally slated to include 12 tins, cases will now contain just 8 tins. We have adjusted our price accordingly.

We expect to ship the new collector tins by Tuesday, August 26th. Pre-Order Yu-Gi-Oh tins here! Baby Bella On Sale Now! The new card set will introduce three new horse card types - parents, caretakers, and offspring. We are pre-selling booster boxes and value boxes the only place to get the 13th online toy to complete the set. Pre-Order Baby Bella here! The card set will include more than 30 cards featured in the 5-D's television show. There are 10 brand new cards not available in Japan, including a new level 4 Tuner monster.

Many new Zombie, Spellcaster, Plant and Psychic monsters will be introduced, including the first Synchro and Tuner monsters for these types. Pre-Order Yu-Gi-Oh here! Incredible Hulk Movie Cards Canceled! Rittenhouse has announced a change in its plans for the upcoming Incredible Hulk movie card set. It has been canceled, and is expected to be replaced by a modified set that will include limited edition autograph cards and costume cards.

We expect to receive more details from Rittenhouse in the coming weeks. We will send you an email as soon as we have new information available! Request notification here! Naruto Lineage of the Legends Update Bandai recently pushed back the release date for the upcoming Naruto Lineage of the Legends expansion. As a result we now expect to ship pre-orders between August 29th and September 3rd.

We had previously expected to ship orders by August 26th. Pre-order today and save! Pre-Order Lineage of the Legends here! These deck protectors were made in Japan and contain no Ultra Pro hologram. They are available in black, blue, green, red, white, and mixed 2 packs of each of the 5 different colors.

New Rittenhouse Products On Sale! We just started taking pre-orders for several new Rittenhouse Archives products: The Incredible Hulk Movie trading cards will be released on October 15th. Every box will include 3 Authentic Costume cards! Randomly inserted autograph cards from Edward Norton and Lou Ferrigno will also be included! Over 30 autograph signers have already been announced, and Rittenhouse is offering some great incentives for multi-case purchases. Each box will include 1 hand-drawn colored sketch card from one of the more than 60 contributing artists. There will also be very limited black and white sketch cards randomly inserted by artists such as John Romita Sr.

Customers pre-ordering 10 cases will receive a sketch card drawn by Nar! We have individual boxes, sealed box cases, and binder cases available for all three of these hot products! Place your pre-order here! Marvel Masterpieces 2 Have Arrived! Upper Deck's Marvel Masterpieces Series 2 has arrived! We have boxes and sealed box cases in stock if you haven't placed your order yet.

Every box includes an original artist sketch card! Order Marvel Masterpieces 2 here! Bandai has announced plans to release three different Naruto Unstoppable Force collector's tins in late September. Each tin will also include three unique series 11 "Shippuden" preview cards. We are pre-selling sealed tin cases as well as sets of all 3 tins. Click here to pre-order Naruto! We are already accepting pre-orders for boosters and starters battle decks. Drums of War introduces new locations, card types, dual-class abilities, and PvP armor sets for your hero.

New super-common Loot cards are also randomly inserted in packs giving players a better chance to get a cosmetic upgrade for their online character. We are now accepting pre-orders for this booster only release. Order Warcry Order Warhammer 40, According to Fantasy Flight's web site, the company "will be releasing all product in the Mutant Chronicles Collectible Miniatures Game in a non-random windowbox format, and will be reassembling the entire production run of booster packs in their warehouse over the next few weeks Each case includes six packs.

The first, Advanced Recon, is expected to arrive in late July or early August. Pre-Order Mutant Chronicles here! We are now accepting pre-orders for two new Chaotic products. Pre-Order Chatoic here! Pre-orders have been shipped! We have been told that Upper Deck is sold out of Hunt for Illidan. However, we have boxes and sealed box cases in stock! Order Hunt for Illidan here! Heroes Volume 2 Has Arrived! The new Heroes Volume 2 trading cards arrived today! All pre-orders will be shipped today. We have a limited number of boxes still available if you haven't placed your order yet.

Order Heroes 2 here! Every box will include 2 autograph and 2 costume cards! In addition, every case will include Rittenhouse's first ever Quintuple Costume Card featuring costume material from 5 of the show's main characters - Lt. Sheppard, Dr. Beckett, Teyla, Dr. McKay, and Dr Weir! Sheppard , and customers pre-ordering 10 cases will receive an Archive Box , containing a complete master set of pack-inserted autograph and costume cards!

Inkworks has announced several case incentive offers for the upcoming X-Files: I Want to Believe set. Customers pre-ordering 3 cases will receive one of two special "Partners" puzzle Pieceworks cards. In addition, customers pre-ordering 10 cases will receive a special dual autograph card featuring the signatures of David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson! These boxes are very tough to find. We don't expect them to last long! Click to order! System products have been selling out very quickly in some cases, before they are even released. We can't predict for sure whether Evolution will follow the same pattern, but we are urging our VS System customers to place their orders early for this release so that they don't miss out.

Pre-Order Marvel Evolution here! Stargate Season 10 Releases Today! This new release is already sold out at the factory. However, we have a very limited number of boxes still available! If you haven't placed your order yet, we have quantities of both products in stock and ready to ship to you immediately. Then don't overlook the Phantom Darkness Special Edition box! That's 30 packs, plus 10 special promo cards, for less than a pack booster box would cost!

Order Phantom Darkness SE here! Kingdom Hearts Light and Darkness Delayed! Fantasy Flight Games has announced on its web site that the release of Kingdom Hearts Light and Darkness has been delayed "due to unforeseen delays in approvals from [their] Japanese partner. According to Fantasy Flight, the company is simply waiting for "approval on final editing and packaging. Each box contains 10 special edition packs, each containing 3 Light of Destruction booster packs and one of two new promo cards "Kuraz the Light Monarch" or "Soul Rope".

Chaotic Silent Sands In Stock! The new Chaotic expansion, Silent Sands, is in stock! Click here to order Silent Sands! Max Deck Protector Restock! We just received a large shipment of Max deck protectors - all styles that we have never had before! The new designs include a variety of dragons, fantasy characters, skulls, and even snakes! Click here to see the standard size protectors and here to see the Yu-Gi-Oh size protectors. It will also include Technical Machine and Fossil cards, and a holographic parallel set. Booster boxes, theme deck boxes, and sealed 6-box booster cases are all available for pre-order now.

Pre-Order Legends Awakened here! There will be two different tins available, and each will include 2 Duelist Genesis packs, 2 Phantom Darkness packs, 1 Light of Destruction pack, a secret rare variant card, and a promo pack that contains a tournament coupon and 3 of 9 possible promo cards.

The promo pack includes 5 exclusive new game play cards including a new card type - Locations, only availabe in this set. With this set there are three ways to earn an in-game cosmetic upgrade for your online hero. Players can also gain free admission to a real Darkmoon Faire Beginner's tournament with any two Darkmoon Faire deck cards. Pre-Order Darkmoon Faire sets here! Naruto Lineage of the Legends On Sale!

Bandai has announced plans to release its 10th Naruto set in August.

The New Spying App for phone tracker!

The card Lineage of the Legends set will be the largest set of new Naruto cards that Bandai has released. It is a combination of cards from the original Japanese sets and U. The set covers the lineage of the Leaf Village's Hokages from the First to the Fifth, and includes the legendary Sannin Ninjas as youngsters who are still learning their special Ninja abilities and Jutsus. Pre-Order Naruto here!

Alderac Entertainment will release the next Legend of the 5 Rings expansion in September. The Heaven's Will expansion will include over new cards and sets the stage for the final events of the Race for the Throne. Boosters and starters are available for pre-order now. Starters will include decks for the Dragon, Lion, and Mantis clans.

Pre-Order The Heaven's Will here! Bleach Bounts News Score has released additional information about the upcoming Bleach Bounts expansion. Depending on the print run, Score will include a box topper card in every Bounts box or every other box. The box toppers will be the Black Hi-Tech Guardian cards that were previously found in case topper packs. In addition, Score has announced that the autograph cards in the new set will be the popular Guardian cards from previous expansions.

The autographs will be playable since no shuffling is needed. A new victory condition will also be introduced in this set. Pre-Order Bleach Bounts here! Second Season boosters and starters arrived today. All pre-orders will ship today as well. Order Highlander Second Season here! We are still accepting pre-orders for both of these booster-only products.

We will take pre-orders for this product again if and when we get some updated information. Order UFS products here! Pokemon Majestic Dawn Arriving May 21st! We expect to ship all pre-orders that same day. Pre-Order Majestic Dawn here! World of Warcraft Miniatures On Sale! Boosters and starters are scheduled to release this fall, with deluxe starters releasing slightly later.

The 40mm scale game will include minis from the Alliance, Horde, and Monster factions. Pre-Order Warcraft Minis here! Click here to view the list. Artbox also informed us that customers pre-ordering 2 cases will receive a Gregory Itzin Shirt or Tie Costume card. Customers pre-ordering 10 cases will receive an Elisha Cuthbert Blouse Costume card! The release date for this product has been delayed by a week, and it is now expected to arrive by June 6th. Pre-Order 24 Season 5 here! Yu-Gi-Oh Light of Destruction released today.

We have a limited amount of Light of Destruction in stock and ready to ship now. Order Light of Destruction here! Due out in late July, the card Eventide release will include boosters, themes, and fat packs. We are accepting pre-orders for Eventide now. Pre-Order Eventide here! Every card is also designed to be part of a "Flip n Fight" game. Pre-Order Ultimate Rivals here! The set is based on the upcoming animated movie of the same name. Inserts include animation cel cards, sequentially numbered parallels, and 1 of 1 sketch cards from Topps Star Wars artists and LFL animators!

Pre-Order Clone Wars here! This will be the first set to feature cards from the upcoming Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's animated series. The set will feature new Psychic-Type monsters and Synchro monsters with Tuners effect monsters that fuse with regular monsters to bring out Synchro monsters. Pre-Order Duelist Genesis boosters here! Stargate Rise of the Ori Shipped! Stargate Rise of the Ori boosters and starters released today. All pre-orders have been shipped! Order Rise of Ori here! Topps announced yesterday that it would be adding hot boxes to the upcoming Heroes Volume 2 release.

Every box will include 1 sketch, autograph, or memorabilia card all inserted at equal ratios , and now one box in every case will also include an extra memorabilia card! Heroes Volume 2 is expected to arrive on July 2nd. Pre-Order Heroes 2 here! The set, based on the July film release of the same name, will include autograph and pieceworks cards. More signers will be announced at a later date. Pre-Order The X-Files here! We found out today that Bandai's Naruto: The Chosen boosters are coming sooner than expected!

Bandai has pushed the release of this product forward one week, so we now expect them to arrive by May 20th. Pre-Order The Chosen here! Indiana Jones Crystal Skull News! Topps released the final list of autograph signers today for the upcoming Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull trading card set. Click here to see images of the autograph signers. In addition, Topps announced that one box in every case will be a "Hot Box," containing an additional autograph or sketch card!

Pre-Order Indiana Jones boxes here! In addition, Artbox will be including autographs from 5 new signers in this set! Pre-Order Harry Potter here!

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Every box will contain 2 Autograph Cards and 2 Costume Cards! Click here to see a list of autographs and costume cards. Pre-Order SG-1 Season 10 here! The new Raid Deck will include boss player cards, a card fixed treasure pack, and 9 oversize hero cards. For the first time some Raid Deck cards will be tournament legal outside of the Raid Deck format. In addition, for the first time the Raid Deck can be customized using cards from the Servants of the Betrayer expansion. Call of Duty introduces a new game engine in which players simultaneously take turns in real time.

Each deck will be ready to play out of the box - there are no boosters to buy. Squad decks contain 60 cards, plus 8 soldier cards, 2 mission cards, a double-sided map, and a rules sheet. Pre-Order Call of Duty here! We had originally expected the game to be released in May. It isn't too late to place your pre-order! Pre-Order Ultimate Battles here! The set will consist of sticker cards and 6 figurines. Every pack includes 6 base set stickers, 1 clear sticker, 1 glitter sticker, and a figurine.

Eye of Judgment 2 Has Arrived! Eye of Judgment Biolith Rebellion 2 boosters arrived today. We have a small number of boxes still available. If you are thinking about placing an order, we encourage you to do so before Friday to lock-in the lower price. Order L5R Banzai boxes here! However, we just found out that White Wolf now plans to release them approximately two weeks later.

We now expect to ship pre-orders by May 30th. Pre-Order Twilight Rebellion here! We are now accepting pre-orders for the next Highlander 2nd Edition expansion - Second Season. Boosters and starters are available. We expect this product to arrive the last week of April or first week of May. Pre-Order Highlander Second Season here! Eye of Judgment 2 Arriving Next Week! Pre-Order Biolith Rebellion 2 here! Each box will include 5 decks that will contain a 20 card land pack, 2 booster packs, a learn-to-play insert, and an exclusive Khamal Pit Fighter foil promo card. Pre-Order Magic the Gathering here!

Supernatural Connections Delayed Inkworks has pushed pack the release of its Supernatural Connections trading card set from May 7th to June 4th. We are still accepting pre-orders for this set. Pre-Order Supernatural Connections here! We expect to ship preorders on that day as well. Place your Rise of Ori pre-order here! Vampire Blood Shadowed Court Ships!

We are now accepting pre-orders for the next Bella Sara expansion, Magical Friends. Due to arrive in June, the new set includes more than 70 horses and their magical friends. They were originally slated to arrive this month. Heroes Volume 2 News! Topps has announced that Heroes Volume 2 will be a hobby exclusive product! According to today's press release Topps is guaranteeing one sketch card, autograph card, or memorabilia card per box, all inserted at equal ratios.

We will add any new information to our Heroes 2 page as it surfaces. The new booster-only set will introduce the Bounts and their Dolls with a new attack mechanic unique to them. It will also bring about an alternate victory condition, a new Souls resource system, new Echo voice actor autograph foil cards, and a new Openings subset.

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We are also accepting pre-orders for the upcoming Pokemon Darkrai Premium Boxes. This product is scheduled to arrive in mid-May. Artbox Releases New 24 Season 5 Details! Artbox Entertainment has confirmed that it plans to release the 24 Season 5 trading card set in May. Inserts will include randomly inserted foil cards, costume cards, prop cards, and autograph cards.

Bonus prop cards from 24 Season 6 will also be included! In edition to the card lenticular base set, there will be prop, costume, and autograph cards randomly inserted. If you placed a pre-order, it has been shipped.

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