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Get Directions. Hours Monday. Coupons -. Come in now for fast service you can trust. Limit one coupon per person, per visit. May not be combined with any other offer. Services At Valvoline Express Care , you will find we offer many services to keep your vehicle safe, efficient and maintained properly.

Valvoline Premium Conventional Motor Oil Every great engine deserves a great oil Helps to keep the engine clean by minimizing deposit formation Resists oil thickening by providing solid oxidation control Improves gas mileage with the most commonly recommended grades by reducing friction Provides anti-wear protection exceeding current U.

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Premium Blue Extreme Full Synthetic Provides fuel economy benefits for on-highway Class-8 trucks The hi-performance synthetic technology is designed to meet the most demanding needs of modern diesel engines, including models equipped with DPF and enhanced EGR, runnig both ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel and low sulfur diesel fuel Cummins approved for 5,mile oil drain extension, under normal duty Superior synthetic basestocks provide faster, safe starts during freezing weather and enhanced thermal properties for hot weather operations Unique formulation has demonstrated improved fuel economy over leading conventional oils.

MaxLife Motor Oil Take Your Engine For A Longer Ride Formulated with seal conditioners and anti-wear agents to fight against the four major signs of engine wear: Reduced Power, Oil Leaks, Loss of Fuel Economy, Increased Oil Consumption Special seal conditioners rejuveanate seals in high-mileage vehicles within the engine block to help prevent oil leaks Additional friction-reducing additives help enhance fuel efficiency and horsepower for high-mileage vehicles Increased anti-oxidants reduce oil breakdown to help prevent engine-cloggin sludge and deposit formation Enhanced detergents bond to metal surfaces to help prevent deposit formation Specially formulated to meet the needs of vehicles as they age past 75, miles; its advanced formula can also be used in newer cars to help prevent the causes of engine breakdown before they begin.

Automatic Transmission Service A transmission Fluid Service using ValvolineTM Professional Series transmission products when replacing your fluid will: Help keep your vehicle shifting smoothly by reducing wear on transmission gears and parts Minimizes the risk of transmission failure and expensive repairs Provide additional protection by using advanced detergents that work to remove deposits Provide advanced conditioners to rejuvenate seals Mileage Interval for transmission fluid replacement Many vehicle manufacturers recommend fluid replacement at regular intervals to maintain vehicle performance.

Gear Box Service Differentials deliver the power from transmission to wheels. Mileage Interval Many vehicle manufacturers recommend fluid replacement at regular intervals to maintain vehicle performance. Benefits of Engine Air Filter Replacement Our air filter service replaces your air filter - helping to clean the air flowing to your engine, which can improve performance. Most vehicles manufactured after the year have cabin air filters Benefits of Cabin Air Filter Replacement Our cabin air filter service replaces your cabin air filter - helping to keep your air clean and protect your heating and air coditioning systems from dirt and debris.

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Wiper Blade Replacement There are few things more dangerous than operating your vehicle without having clear visibility through your windshield. Without my authorization 0W20 was used. After a week of leaking in my driveway I went to a mechanic. I was told another oil was used. I went to my receipt and saw that was true! Got 5W20 and someone to knows how to tighten a bolt. No leaks! The right oil! That was my first and last time visiting Valvoline in Swampscott, MA! Called the service center to get a price to have the fuel filter replaced in my Duramax.

Was clearly told that the price would be Went to the location 2 hours later to have the filter replaced and was told the actual price was Had to pay the extra amount but got screwed because the service center lied about the price, the store employee offered no resolve, other than to state the "he has been having trouble with the call center doing that!

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You don't!!! I got an oil change from the Valvoline in Lindbergh in Florissant Mo. Ever since then, my check engine lights keep coming on. Did NOT have this problem before this oil change. Once again, did NOT have either of these problems before that day. Would like to know who to contact about getting my car fixed, because these check engine problems are NOT on me. Valvoline advertise fast and affordable service. Valvoline recommends an oil change every 3 months.

So I agreed to a coolant flushing. About a week after my car was signaling low coolant after several refill myself daily then shortly afterwards the check engine light came on. I took to a mechanic. I had to replace my reservoir tank because Valvoline broke it and was causing my coolant leak. After several car repair and time and money spent trying to solve the damages done to my vehicle after Valvoline.

My car is no longer drivable because of young inexperienced employees at Valvoline. I recommend anyone do not go to Valvoline because of their name or large change. So once they were done I noticed that something was knocking. The car drove fine before I took my car to Valvoline. I test drove the car the day before and it drove fine.

I then drove it from St. Charles Mo. Now Valvoline don't want to honor their mess up. Absolutely the worst service I have ever received from anyone period! This is the first time I have ever submitted a review for anything. Shortly thereafter and within 30 miles I started getting a low oil pressure warning light.

I immediately exited the freeway and pulled into the nearby BP station. I had my year old son with me at the time not to mentioned the to below zero wind chills that day. It was dangerously cold and not a day to be messing around. Left the vehicle there at BP and called my wife to come pick us up. VIOC went to inspect the car and said there was no oil filter.

Suffices to say the engine needs to be replaced in my vehicle. Please bear in mind I had no vehicle at the time. They concluded - how convenient for them - that there is no evidence that they are at fault. Basically, what they are saying is, they will not pay for their mistake and it's on the consumer in this case me to prove them otherwise. What a bunch of garbage! Consumer beware! They do NOT stand behind their mistakes like a good company should. I will never use them again and will be voicing my opinions and concerns on every social media site that I can.

Today I went to Valvoline to have my oil changed because I just had a new engine and radiator put in and I needed an oil change at miles per my mechanic. Valvoline tried to tell me my coolant needed to be flushed because it I had my washer fluid cap on the coolant reservoir and my washer fluid leaked into my coolant. The caps had been switched for over a yr and my mechanic never switched them back after installing the new radiator just 2 weeks ago.

My mechanic has never said one word that was harmful or anything else about it. I had new radiator put in because it was cracked due to a massive pot hole.

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It had nothing to do with the reservoir caps being switched. Last yr I went to Valvoline and that was a different store, they tried to tell me my serpentine belt was about to break. While I was get the new engine installed I had them just 2 weeks ago put a new belt on and they said my belt was still in pretty good condition and wanted to know if I wanted to keep it for a back up.

Valvoline must train their employees to lie to their customers. I work as a rural mail carrier and I drive miles a day in my jeep and I get a lot of maintenance done. I feel sorry for people that don't know their cars and fall for their deception. A few days later I started smelling something funny, and my oil light came on. I think they wanted to blame it on me, but I have proof I take excellent care of my car, and regardless putting on an oil plug screw is so easy a child should be able to it, especially when that is your whole job.

I am never going back to a Valvoline location ever again. The whole time they wanted me to upgrade on an air filter, synthetic oil and pcv valve. My car is less than 3 years old and keep a great maintenance on my car. It saddens me how extreme people can be to rip people off and purposely try to ruin a brand new car. Thankfully my boyfriend knows about cars. Btw an air filter can be bought at stores for a much cheaper price and install it yourself!

You end up saving a lot of money instead of getting ripped off! My husband and I have been using Valvoline for years, never having had an issue until recently. We have used 3 local locations, 2 of them much more frequently than the 3rd. I have a long time friend who worked for them for years. Recently my husband's vehicle would not shift into drive AT ALL. The car needed to be towed home. The only place we have ever used to oil changes is Valvoline and we pay big time when we do go, always a different price.

That being said, according to my friend who worked there, upon each visit fluids are supposed to be checked and topped off. Well, after having a family member look over the vehicle there was NO transmission fluid OR oil in this car!!!! Fast forward a day or two later, I hear a whirring noise in my own car.

Remembering things I had read while trying to figure out why my husband's car broke down, I immediately had him and my father check my transmission fluid. Well, I drive a Nissan Altima, and on a Nissan the transmission actually has a seal that needs to be broken in order to check the transmission fluid Mine was not! Basically all this time we have been paying 3x as much as doing our OWN oil changes at home for them to ruin our vehicles.

Mine is perfectly fine thankfully, but my husbands needed a whole new transmission.

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Never again Valvoline! I had a state inspection done today and am quite unhappy with the service. The 3 other employees, apparently with nothing better to do also laughed. When I asked why my vehicle was being treated like this, I was told it was part of the inspection. In my 30 plus years as a driver nobody has ever treated my vehicle like this and it's certainly NOT part of an inspection. When I asked for the name of the employee and the manager, I was told they are one and the same.

The actual manager was the one treating a customer car in this manner in front of the customer.

changing the rear end gear oil 80W90 in my motorhome

I guess business is slow and this location has nothing better to do than entertain themselves by abusing a customer car. Close them down. I got some of this abuse on my phone and will be uploading it to YouTube to post along with my official Google review of this location. It's sad to see 4 mechanics with nothing to do and filling their time with mischief in a day and age where I can get an oil change or inspection anywhere.

The Route location is always respectful and professional. The absolute opposite of this Dolson Avenue location. I will never patronize this location again. I normally change my own oil, but I'll take it to a mechanic every other change to get the tires rotated. I went there a several months ago and got my normal oil change and tire rotation.

Everything seemed to go just fine until I jacked up my Ford Escape last weekend and realized they rounded the head of the oil drain bolt. Will never be going there again. I went into the nearest Valvoline oil change station here in Missouri to get my oil changed. The lady attendant must have been an alpha male in a female body because she was very demanding, short tempered and just plain rude. Way overpriced and rude service We had our truck serviced at Valvoline in Glendale, Wisconsin for an oil change on July 28, On Aug 16th, our truck stopped due to the engine ceasing.

My mechanic states the engine stopped due to no oil in the reservoir due to a missing oil plug. The Valvoline attendant stated that the extra oil will just burn off. We contacted Valvoline customer service to relay our experience and after days of waiting for a response and being told that the representative handling our case is not in, we were ultimately told that upon review of the video taken during the servicing of our vehicle, the service was found to be performed correctly.

The oil plug disappearing, allowing all oil to leak from the reservoir, thus leading to my trucks' engine ceasing is our fault.

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As long as you purchase the item mentioned on the coupon, you'll be able to apply your discount to your purchase be entering the code on that site's checkout page, as shown below. Review and complete your purchase. Some sites give the option of picking up your purchase at a nearby location or having it sent directly to you. Similar to Pennzoil, Mobil 1, and Royal Purple, Valvoline is a brand of motor oil and a manufacturer of related products for most common vehicle makes and models, including passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and competitive racing cars.

The franchise business performs preventative vehicle maintenance and fluid changes using Valvoline products. The company's products are also available are several other retailers, including many auto maintenance facilities and garages, along with various online shopping sites. Motor Oil, a product invented by and further refined and improved upon by the people behind the Valvoline brand, is available in conventional, full synthetic, and synthetic blend form.

Additional formulations are available based on specific performance needs. For instance, higher mileage variations include Max Life and Full Synthetic with Max Life Technology and Valvoline multi-purpose 2-cycle engine oil and the 2-cycle Outboard Marine Oil are better choices for small engines. In addition to motor oil for cars and trucks, Valvoline also makes high-quality motor oil for ATVs and racing vehicles, both having special formulations to efficiently meet engine performance demands.

Selections are also available in a variety of grades to further ensure you're getting the right blend for your vehicle. Valvoline antifreeze products are also available in an assortment of formulations to ensure maximum performance and protection. The brand's Zerex pre-charged heavy-duty formula, for instance, offers protection against both summer boil-over and cold weather freeze-up. Coupon & Promo Codes

The brand promotes its products with special incentives like the High Mile Club. It's a way for customers to take pride in their high mileage ride, with "high mileage" generally being defined as vehicles having an odometer reading of 75, miles or more, with the implication being that Valvoline products allow vehicle owners to enjoy more miles per gallon.

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Transmission products are also sold under the Valvoline name. The brand manufactures transmission fluid designed to the specifications of most vehicles on the road today. Selections available include automatic transmission fluid and transmission case fluid.

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