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COM communities. They are open for lunch and dinner Monday through Thursday a. Stop in for lunch and let your taste buds delight in a selection of homemade pasta dishes and deli. Try the delicious Chicken Portobelo with grilled chicken, mushrooms, roasted peppers, provolone cheese, mayonnaise and mustard served on ciabatta bread or the Antipasto Grinder with salami, smoked turkey, Asiago cheese,. Try Our Award Winning Meatballs! A year ago, when I accepted the position as director, a new logo was on my list of things to do.

It was time for the Trail to have a fresh new image that reflected who we are as a unified group of passionate wine makers, many of whom have been part of the New York wine industry since long before the Finger Lakes began attracting attention as a notable wine region. After a thorough proposal process, the Trail contracted with Clark CSM Marketing Communications in Pittsford, NY to help construct an updated visual representation of their identity in the form of a new logo and brand image.

When we started looking at the characteristics that were unique to the Cayuga Lake Wine Trail, themes around tradition and heritage kept showing up, and in fact Cayuga Lake had the first wine trail in America. Ultimately it became clear to us that the most powerful way to differentiate the brand in the mind of the consumer was to celebrate its longevity and history.

Buy tickets at CayugaWineTrail. Cayuga Lake wineries pioneered the wine trail concept, which has been mimicked by numerous organized trails across the country ever since. Many of the founding members of the Trail are still involved, working alongside their small team in all aspects from harvest and production to sales and marketing. Their hands-on approach to running their wineries sets the stage for friendly service and handcrafted products, sealed with their personal approval. Myself and the sixteen member wineries invite everyone to visit in order to truly experience what sets the Cayuga Lake Wine Trail apart from its neighbors.

To learn more, visit cayugawinetrail. Try the Grilled Filet Alita a sliced filet served with a shiitake port wine sauce over garlic mashed potatoes , the Primavera Ala Camille broccoli, roasted peppers and mushrooms in marinara sauce over fettuccine topped with fresh mozzarella , or the Stuffed Veal Raymo veal stuffed with prosciutto, spinach and artichoke hearts in a tomato marsala wine sauce with mushrooms and mozzarella cheese, served over fettuccine.

Lastly, whatever you do be sure to save room for one of their many mouth-watering desserts! We were immediately greeted by the friendly hostess and given a cozy booth wherein we would enjoy a fantastic deal. We immediately noticed the window decorations, each window was decorated with a holiday theme, and we were sitting at the adorable Grinch theme window!

Call to place an order or to daily appetizer special of lightly breaded, super make reservations creamy goat cheese served with bruschetta and lightly toasted bread. Both appetizer were mouth-watering perfection. The vodka sauce was the perfect combination of cream and tomato that paired perfectly with the jumbo shrimp. There was no need for a steak knife, the wonderfully cut of Delmonico and the perfect cooking made this steak tender and juicy and cut like butter. It was perfection on a plate. We decided to split a homemade raspberry cannoli and a lemon mascarpone cake with berries.

Call today to book your upcoming graduation party, birthday party, retirement party, bridal shower, family reunion, corporate meeting, and impress your guests with this perfect venue and spectacular food. American Heroes continued from pg 10 video for Syracuse Police. This video is a humble portrayal that describes the Men and Women throughout our land that answer the call to keep us safe.

Perhaps they are not super heroes in the context of super powers. Yet among mortal men and women, they are the brave, they protect the victim, the hurting, our families and kids, and yes, for sure, they are real super heroes. They are moved by compassion, patriotism and the desire to meet the highest of callings and that is to protect America. To be the buffer between good and evil, that allows happiness and American ideal to flourish and In , Police officers were to be pursued in safety. Without killed in the line of duty. The them America could not be.

These average is Each Year there are our Sons and Daughters, yours are 58, assaults against Police resulting in 15, Police injuries. They sit next to you in church, they cheer next to you at little league, they are Umpires and Scoutmasters and Mentors, and in each American life where evil intrudes, they face the danger to restore that life to safety.

In their search engine type a side of town and a year. Just one small city. The danger these protectors are in becomes very clear, very quickly. It is elite profession-. Ask us about lift ticket perks with Okemo included with your full Inter-Mountain Passport. Already the best 2 mountains, now the best food too! It is their willingness to do this for us that gives us a chance to pursue happy lives. Here are just a few examples of the character of Syracuse Police. They all have humbling stories to tell that if known would make us, often very sad but always, all so proud: Syracuse Police Officer Wallie Howard Jr.

He was working with the Drug Enforcement Administration and was attempting to purchase narcotics from two drug dealers. The two suspects shot and killed Officer Howard as they attempted to rob him of the money. Tom navigated bullets pinging off the sand and metal around him as he went from soldier to soldier, dragging them to safer position and performing the emergency attention that would keep them alive. Dan made it to retiredeliver ment. Imagine this WWW. In the 12 West Genesee street American environment where the BalDWinsVille, nY brave endlessly subdue evil, the vast majority of us are seldom thinking of bad guys.

America is a place where comfort and security are a cherished and hallowed achievement. Even among the best of us there will be error. When one does, among so many, to discredit the profession is indeed a gravely unfair and disproportionCall AUTO today for Auto, ate reflection of sheer. Another year has come and gone, and as we count down to we wonder if this year will be any different from the last. Before we turn the page, there are a few questions we must ask. What have we learned? How have we changed? What can we improve? How can we prevent the things that went wrong from happening again?

Although we have good intentions, it always seems to get pushed aside by the end of the year. We needed neither that second serving nor the extra round of drinks. Yet we indulged. We planned on getting to the gym three to four days a week. We barely made it once. We planned on getting rid of the garbage in our cabinets and fridge.

Keeping a food journal is a vital part of staying motivated. Instead of focusing on the end result, focus on losing a few pounds at a time. Are you really surprised? With our gym bags packed, our sweat towel in hand, and our sneakers laced up tightly, we solemnly swear that will be different. This year, were going to make good on our resolutions. Just you wait and see. Saying that you want to lose weight is way too vague. The surest way to fall short of your goal is to have unrealistic expectations. This can make your goal hard to reach and unattainable.

For instance, resolving to never eat ice cream again is just not realistic. Instead, strive for a goal that you can stick with, such as having ice cream once a week instead of every night. Though you may have good intentions, sticking with a weight loss program is a lot of hard work. You have to approach it as you would a job.

It is your responsibility to show up, do the work, and give it your all.

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Repeat after me: One minor slip-up does not mean your attempt to lose weight was a failure! Yes, the infamous picture. Cut out a photo of how you would like to look or find an old photo of when you were at your best. Hang it on the fridge or somewhere where you will see it for motivation. You can take advantage of the group fitness classes they have and even hire a personal trainer to help steer you in the right direction. Check out the special rates and numerous classes at Champions Fitness Center in Cicero! Play dates are always fun! Besides, studies show that people are much more successful at achieving and maintaining their goals when they work with others who share similar commonalities.

So give it time! Never use a slip up as an excuse to throw in the towel. Keep track of each small success. Every time you reach a small goal celebrate your success by treating yourself to something you really enjoy besides food. Go to a movie with a friend, buy yourself some new fitness gear, get a pedicure, or treat yourself to a massage.

Free Admission Fa Find a gym buddy. People working with others are much more successful at achieving and maintaining their goals. This year, stop the cycle of resolving to make a change and not following through! You will feel much better about yourself and your future aspirations if your resolution sticks. We want to hear all about www. If you would like to set up a free consultation with one of our certified fitness professionals please call Champions Fitness at American Heroes continued from pg 15 untruth that does us and our heroes a grave injustice. Teddy had a way of Capturing greatness in word and in deed.

America is a place where comfort and security are a cherished who at the best knows in the end the and hallowed achievement. And it is this way because of Cops. The Blue Line where evil stops and bravery enters, caring for the greatest land on earth. To so falsely blanket and cause fear or suspicion among the greatest people on earth, when our Cops are the finest of those very same people, is a dis-service of the highest order.

Your children are watching. Find the residing supervision and make clear the failure in their jurisdiction, while defending their charge with truth be told and maintained that this brave charge is made of American character and American courage and American Compassion and as such is the place of heroes as fine as they can be.

These are not fancy words, but missing truths. Premium European Foods Erie Blvd. Your modem connected to the phone line - dialed a particular number when invoked, you got that fun sound, and voila, the World Wide Web.

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  • To a degree, there are solutions for this problem: use your data plan on your phone or tablet device is the primary one. But what if you have real work to do and want your laptop? You turn this function on, and it will provide you with an access code. Turn on your computer, and go into the WiFi settings. It will detect your phone, and you enter the access code. Voila, again. Keep in mind, of course, that you are eating up data minutes. Of course, you can always go somewhere that offers free WiFi - a coffee shop, Panera, or Thruway rest stop. These are reasonable options as long as you are happy to be confined to these locations.

    Pre-Wedding Beauty Tips You want everything to be picture perfect for your wedding, including your smile. But like everything else about your big day, that perfect smile could require some work ahead of time. In fact, experts suggest starting your entire beauty regimen six months before the wedding. Get soft, kissable lips by brushing away flakes of dry skin with an infant toothbrush soaked in baking soda and water.

    Make your face glow with a good cleansing program. Use a gentle facial scrub once a week. Women with warm skin tones look best in makeup with pink, coral, peach, amber, brown and red with yellow undertones. If you have a cool skin tone, choose pink, berry, lilac, mauve or red with blue undertones. A cosmetic dentist can often correct an imperfect smile with veneers. Box Syracuse, NY Lumineers www. The procedure is quick, painless and even reversible. Schedule a trial run with your hair and makeup artists several days before your wedding, so there are no surprises the day of the ceremony.

    Plan your last manicure a couple of days before the big day. You want everything to be picture perfect for your wedding, including your smile. Experts suggest starting your entire beauty regimen six months before the wedding. State St. Syracuse, NY Enter by January 22, Happy ! This year is all about you and finding the perfect wedding ensembles for your perfect day. A wedding dress should be something that reflects your style, but is also timeless.

    Wear what feels right and makes you want to dance. Try to get a feel for what the groomsmen wear on an everyday basis and incorporate that into the look. Do they all love Chuck Taylors? Once you decide on the theme of the wedding — is it black tie or something more casual? Wear what feels right and what makes you want to dance all night long. Syracuse, NY Not applicable on purchase of gift certificates.

    As a bride, a logical place to start your planning process is with your venue. Every bride hopes the memory of their wedding will live on long past the last dance. And your venue plays a key role in creating that experience for you and your guests. Are you all about the ambience? Location or convenience? Once you have a handful of priorities, you can narrow in on your venue choices. Each venue will uphold your vision differently, but one is bound to be the best.

    The intricate pros and cons of venue selection can be overwhelming. Let your site visit be about logistics: can you fit your guest list into the ballroom? Then, infuse that seemingly cold, and tired space with your vision. Lighting has a big impact on your event and the way it feels. Take a look at the natural lighting and window placement. Does it support your vision? If not, this is a great way to get creative. Think about your priorities: is your cake a highlight?

    Or your head table, do they put it in front of an Every bride hopes the memory of their wedding will live on long past immovable piece of awful art? Ask the last dance. Your venue plays a key role in creating that experience your coordinator what creative for you and your guests. What are the limitations? Also, ask what other spaces you can take advantage of: bridal lounge, cocktail hour, after hours, etc. Making the best of these additional spaces may help with your event timing, as well as support your event style. Most venues already have a caterer.

    But most caterers have chefs who love to be creative. Push their creativity and expertise to help customize a menu and its presentation. Look at your style: fancy, casual, funky? Lastly, go with your instinct. Make sure to visit your venue before deciding and get a hands on experience. And why not visit while your venue is in full swing?

    Now the planning fun begins! One of the first decisions you will have to make is about the venue. There are two main reasons they have been in business for so long. The first is that they make mouth-wateringly scrumptious food. When you for the upcoming wedding season, so call book your wedding you will sit down with the owner s to cretoday to save your wedding date! Offering you may have. They specialize in weddings, showers, birthday parties, empanadas. Cold Selections include several fantastic options.

    If you are looking for great food from family recipes, friendly courteous assorted miniature desserts. They specialize in weddings, showers, birthday parties, retirement ding season, so call today parties, corporate meetings and events, and funeral receptions. The facility can accommodate wedding parties up to people.

    They can accommodate parties to save your wedding e AW date! For more informaof 50 or more minimum for a Saturday night booking. Receptions, re The Pensabene family o M Wed. COM 4 W. Genesee St. After all, the last thing you should be worrying about is whether your photographer will be able to capture your big day. The key? Specializing in Small Weddings up to 80 people Let us take care of your rehearsal dinner or small wedding reception with our award winning culinary team featuring certified executive chef and owner Christopher Cesta!

    Now is not the time to skimp on your photo budget. The best photographer will take the time to build a rapport with you and use his or her experience and creativity to capture the mood, personality and ambiance of your wedding. Only hire someone who has liability insurance, experience taking the style of photos you want, backup equipment and a plan for when things go south.

    Ideally, he or she is a PPA photographer. PPA photographers do more than just snap pictures. They have the technical expertise and artistry to make you look your best and bring your vision to life. They also abide by a strict code of ethics that makes a real difference. Watch this video to see At Your Service real married couples share Since !

    Request to see a full gallery of real weddings. Would you rather have a photojournalist approach or a mix of all styles?

    Copper Top Tavern Camillus, Syracuse

    PPA wedding photographers can also help you create that shot list, as they know what key moments tell a wedding story and can prepare for those. But talk about your must-haves, and walk through the entire program with your photographer ahead of time. Share your expectations ahead of time to ensure that he or she captures the key shots, while remaining attentive and available to catch the best candid moments.

    Photographers can also help you create that shot list, as they know what key moments tell a wedding story and can prepare for those. Will they give you an online gallery for family and friends to choose the images they want? Again, knowing these things ahead of time will make things easy on the back end, sparing you any heartache. Syracuse, NY Pay As You Go continued from pg 20 -- Internet access delivered over a cellulardata network. Tip of the hat to: Johnny S for another great subject idea!

    Listen for your name to be announced on Friday, Feb. Must Be 21 or Older To Enter.

    Jobs, Employment in Skaneateles Lake, NY |

    Offer Good For 1 Use Only. Limo Service: 3 Hours 6 six Person Limit. Prizes Do Not Include Gratuities. Was a tavern for over 30 years with all equipment or could have many use -beauty salon, laundromat, retail space Valid Sunday, Feb. All orders must be placed by 2pm. Management reserves the right to modify or cancel this offer at anytime. Send your entry on company letterhead and include number of employees who will attend.

    Listen I would love to spend the column remonstrating about your holiday excesses and you know you are and urging you to not just start the year out with good intentions but to start each DAY with good intentions. There is, finally, a FDA certified, reliable, reproducible test to evaluate your memory and cognition. Is your mom just getting older or is it the beginning of something serious? Is your wife just not paying attention anymore or is it her poor hearing that seems to have her repeating herself?

    Do you remember the name of that lady who you ran into in the dairy section by the time you have been through frozen foods? How do you separate the mild forgetfulness of aging from real dementia in its early stages? Finally we have a way. The results could vary based on your attention, your concentration, etc. They provided only a crude measure of your memory. These tests can be helpful but are woefully imprecise and fluctuate from visit to visit. We diagnose and treat hypertension based on numbers We diagnose and treat diabetes based on numbers So to for cholesterol.

    Finally we have a way to quantify memory issues. We, at long last, have the fifth vital sign! Dr Charles J. Duffy MD PhD is a physician, researcher, professor and inventor, and after years of research he developed the only FDA approved device for testing memory. It uses a computer and joystick with his own patented 19 patents pending software program to evaluate your memory and thinking patterns. When I heard continued on pg g Take Rt. Go North on State Route Finding one of those — and recognizing it when you see it — is the art of the. The zeal of the Lord of hosts will perform this.

    You learn from experience, pouring over catalogues, going to estate sales, reading! There were many books printed over the years, he tells me, that had meaning in their day — a collection of sermons by a then-popular minister, for example — that have ceased to mean anything to the modern reader. His job, his vocation, is to know the difference, and to be able to place the right value on both the purchase and resale of any book.

    I asked many other questions about how books were valued: was a complete collection more valuable than a few books in a series? Not necessarily. Did an inscription harm or increase the value of a book? That depends on both the inscription and the buyer. In other words, if you have books to sell, or would like to obtain something special for your collection: stop in the store.

    Jim Roberts, with his years of dedication and experience, is there to help. One particular member winery continues to offer exciting experiences throughout the winter months. We wanted to give both the locals and those visitors braving the Finger Lakes winter weather something fun and unique to do. Spend chilly winter evenings in a cozy barrel-room-turned-movie-theatre. The Treleaven staff promises you no previews and all the wine you can drink! The remainder of the season will feature three Friday flicks, and six Saturday films. The schedule began on Friday, November 18, and continues every Saturday through December After a two-week hiatus to celebrate the holidays, the event will resume on Friday, January 6.

    There will be five showings in the New Year, including three Friday evenings. Concessions, wine and beer L. Check the Treleaven Facebook page for dates and movies. Limited seating is available so be sure to make reservations! Another tip, get there early so that your entire group can sit together! Cheer on your favorite football team at Treleaven this winter. Treleaven will be showing films every Saturday through December 19th. There will be multiple seating options available including comfortable couches and high-top tables. Come post-season play in the New Year, the winery will be show three full weekends of playoff action.

    The football-filled days will feature DJs keeping the atmosphere fun as they play music during the commercial breaks. Local favorite BBQ will be serving pub-style food, and Treleaven will supply the beverages. There will be more to offer than just wine —local craft beer and domestic brews will be on tap, and non-alcoholic beverages will be available.

    Jersey or no jersey, all are welcome at Treleaven! Please call Hut, hut, hike! To learn more, visit cayugawinetrail. Not valid on holidays, with other offers or gift card purchases. Ben Foster, brothers who have devised a plan to make some serious cash. Once again, they elude the authorities, and get away with the cash. As the Howard There was a time, not all that long ago, where the Western was one of the most popular and reliable genres in all of film.

    For decades, audiences brothers pull off their were enthralled by the tales of the sprawling plains, and the cowboys that low-key heists, aging protected them. Set in a dying section of West Texas, it delivers a stark, the bank robberies his barren, and unexplored glimpse into the destruction of the American one last, great caper.

    It is a tale set against a background of hollowed out homes, broHe is gruff, honest, and ken spirits, and an embrace of the Open Carry law. Equally hauntwait until the maning and beautiful, it showcases crumbling homes, failing farmlands, and ager arrives. A short debt-relief signs as far as the eye can see. While a few properties boast time later, the duo is speeding away, having the promise of untold riches in the form of oil dregs, most exude a sunken successfully pulled off sense of failure and heartache.

    It is a Western that manages to transcend its genre and emerge as a thoughtful and engaging drama. Choose from 18 different varieties of Italian cookies along with other delicious items! He has reached a point in his life where desperation has taken over, and he has resorted to extraordinary measures in order to ensure that his family will have the stability to survive the crumbling economic environment.

    And, while Pine may be sympathetic, Foster gives another savage performance as Tanner. Frighteningly believable, he is a lifelong criminal who holds familial bonds above everything else. He realizes that their quest is doomed for failure, yet, because his brother asked, he is with him until the bitter end. It should come as no surprise that Bridges shines, as always, as the crusty law-man looking to crack one last case. Fearing retirement more than he ever trembled at the It should come as no surprise that Jeff Bridgthought of a crimies shines, as always, as the crusty law-man nal, he trades barbs looking to crack one last case.

    Chris Pine and Ben Foster play brothers on the run from the law.

    Ratings and reviews

    While Pine may be sympathetic, Foster gives another savage performance. Offering thrills, laughs, and cunning observations on the Texan state of mind, it is a Western that manages to transcend its genre and emerge as a thoughtful and engaging drama. State St. Must Be 21 or Older To Enter. Offer Good For 1 Use Only. Limo Service: 3 Hours 6 six Person Limit. Prizes Do Not Include Gratuities.

    Sorry about that

    We feel the need to amp up the festive outfits and show just how excited we are for Santa to come or for the clock to strike midnight on the new year. While black and white are classics, a rich and vibrant blue catches eyes. It looks good for any article of clothing and never looks bad with black like navy blue can tend to do.

    If you want to be the star of your own holiday party, gold is always a good choice. Either way, it always works. And while everyone else is freezing their butts off in skimpy party ensembles, you can be hanging out, warm as can be and looking super chic. It may not be the most eye catching color, but sometimes being comfortable is the most important during the holidays. They are both classic holiday colors that deserve more attention.

    Village of Manlius. How to Stay Healthy and Fit this Holiday Season Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, and wait, is that a scale? Here we go again! Another holiday season is here, and boy, do we make the most of it. Tis the season of sweet treats, heaping plates, endless holiday parties and too many workouts missed at the gym. This year, you have a choice!

    Here are a few ways to stay healthy and fit this holiday season. Keeping a regular workout schedule will help keep your weight in check and is one of the best ways to relieve some of the stress associated with the holidays. It will also boost your energy, improve your mood, and give you some much needed time to yourself. Located just off I exit 16 Nedrow. Treating every party as an invitation to overindulge is a recipe for disaster and a sure way to gain weight. Go for an early morning jog, hit the gym after work, or go for a walk after a holiday meal.

    Exercise wherever and whenever you can. Take the stairs, park as far away from the shopping mall as possible, and wear a pedometer to see how many steps you take while out running errands. Make it a family affair. When you get together with family and friends, plan to stay active. Walk around the neighborhood to look at holiday decorations, go sledding, go skiing, have a snowball fight, or build a snow man.

    You can maintain your muscle mass by sticking to the basics. Never go to a party on am empty stomach. Once at the party, choose one thing to indulge in yes, egg nog counts. I would suggest picking something that you can only have during the holidays. Alcohol is an easy way to consume more calories than you need. It can also increase your appetite and lower your resolve to resist overeating. Try to limit yourself to one alcoholic beverage per occasion. Eat your regular scheduled meals at their regular scheduled times to avoid going bananas at the buffet table.

    Getting enough sleep is essential if you want to get any sort of enjoyment out of the holidays! Eating out may sound like a logical solution, but all those extra calories can add up, leaving you feeling guiltier than ever at the end of the day. Circuit training is great for an intense workout in a short period of time.

    You can do a quick workout right in together or keep them your bedroom or the basement. Choose an activity that everyone can do to do each exercise together. They travel well and can be used for quick strength for a certain period of Patty Lonergan is making sure she gets her exercises whenever you can catch a few minutes. You shoveling snow burns calories! Here are a few guidelines to help you create your own workout:.

    You have several options, including a alternating between strength training and cardio, b sticking with just strength-training exercises, c doing just cardio exercises, or d doing some combination of all of the above. The point is to keep your heart rate up and your muscles warm, so move quickly from one exercise to another. Use either a time limit 30 to 60 seconds or a specified number of reps 15 to 20 repetitions. Our sedentary lifestyles and lack of self-control are the real culprits for our holiday weight gain.

    This year, choose to make healthy food choices, eat in moderation, and stay active. Be realistic, set small goals, and make the most of your exercise time, even if it is only for a few minutes. The holiday season is about celebrating you, your health, and the people in your lives that matter most.

    Keep things in perspective and remember what is most important. Happy Holidays!!! I have been a personal trainer for over seventeen years and I honestly feel that I have one of the best jobs out there! The most rewarding part of my profession is helping one of my clients succeed at reaching their personal fitness goals. Send your entry on company letterhead and include number of employees who will attend. Skilled writers might deviate slightly from the established pattern of each genre, but it can only be described as akin to sitting down to a steak dinner to have it taste like oatmeal.

    So it was when I decided to give my readerly self a little break from too much thinking and analysis and enjoy what looked like an historic specifically Scottish mystery with a female protagonist. Thursday, Dec. Ray Bodley High School, Fulton. At least the writer got the name of the official correct. It takes dead bodies and painting them. There is apart and gives it its true charm. There Details. Detail, details, details. Never once did I say to myself: I know who it was! What did they eat? Is it a beautifully appointed modernized country mansion, or a castle But while all of these failings might be true of any mystery worthy of the with forbidden wings and dark and drafty passageways and mysterious name, what was truly unforgivable was the one that sets an historic novel staircases?

    If she has interests that go against her social status, what is the reaction of those around her other than a vague disapproval? Accents and speech patterns are de rigeur. What else is happening in the broader world? Looking for reliable, motivated, characters in a dramatic period of history and examine the more sweeping events of that time through the eyes of our main characters, but what is enthusiastic individual to join the Table Hopping Sales happening that might be of interest to our characters?

    College Degree and Outside sales experience a usual bent is for dissecting bodies and painting what she sees, what is the plus! First Year state of medicine at this time, and the attitudes toward its pursuit? He pouted a little, but very little else is known about him —and not in a deep, mysterious way who is this handsome stranger, Hopping team.

    Part time, flexible hours. I get it. Big time. But he is the wrong guy. Bannon in the White House will stain this land for generations. Our greatness is in trouble. This will remove it in the eyes of the world. Where in the hell is Common Sense. Trump has us in a trance. I printed a list of over a hundred reasons why Trump should not be President in the October issue. His moral deficit is staggering. Google Table Hopping — Word on the Street if you missed it.

    A few matters in particular removed respect from the Trump equation. I am disgusted that this kind of mind has become the most powerful individual on earth. What potential good he may do comes at too high a price. At what point do you take note of a potential Monster in your midst. His win is proof of the total collapse of Washington. They do deserve all that he brings. Our leaders have degraded our land. Those left behind have had it. The problem is Trump is not a savior.

    His behavior is cruelly unstable and when the aura clears so too will the majesty of error in selecting such a leader. Imagine anyone you know with a handicap. Stand in front of a mirror. Now make an honest effort to physically imitate and mock their handicap. Twist your face and force your emotion to feel with contempt as. Trump is the result of disgust for Government failures and a deep need for hope. But he is the wrong guy for the job. Google this: Trump vs Handicapped Reporter.

    His need to emphasize the handicap was prolonged and very disturbing. Now you are experiencing a mindset common to Trump that will reside in the Oval Office. It gets worse. Alt right is simply a cloak for white supremacy. They often end meetings with the Nazi raised arm salute. Placing Steve Bannon in a position of power is an insult to every white cross that honors an American soldier.

    How pathetically callous, and uncaringly disrespect-. This Bannon thing is bad. We have a man that supports Nazi thinking in the White House. And a leader so ignorant as to not realize the seed he is planting. I Never imagined this reality in America.

    Other major high level appointees have demonstrated racial tendencies. Minorities and fair whites know it and are watching at the ready. One racist move and cities may well burn. Clearly Trump also has a very stupid and decrepit side. There is a lot of twisted thinking heading for the White House. And the price tag lies in the near future. John McCain flew 23 combat missions prior to being shot down. Demean him in the mirror. Think of him on the torture rack where they broke his bones.

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    If you are Donald Trump this is good logic. Such revered heroic deed as that of McCain is everything American and sends chills through our spine and cause the tears as we feel the great pride of this land. He is no hero to the next leader of America. The list of such things goes on and on and becomes tiring. For just starters multiply the above examples by a hundred other examples of disturbing thinking and a sense of the mental defect we have put in the Oval Office will become clear.

    Trump supporters see strength in Trump and believe he can force action among the truly leaderless The House, Senate and the Supreme Court in Washington, D. They did leave E Pluribus Unum behind. Over half of our people. Our system is selfish, ineffective and paralyzed. Fate has been kind to Trump.

    He will have the House, the Senate and the Supreme Court. The only recourse for Democrats will be Filibusters. These are massive Country building and quality of life issues that got Trump elected and also have favor among Democrats. These are correctly the leading issues.

    Been to LongHorn Steakhouse? Share your experiences!

    As they fail so goes the nation. Yet this is. Trump is the only one that tuned in to the forgotten millions. Too bad values and inclusivity are elusive to his nature and his personal moral character devalues his potential greatness. What Trump lacks in human decency will stain us forever. This unique atmosphere may allow him to push critical issues forward. This particular effort at infrastructure is not worth the historical blemish that is underway.

    These matters will be to the next President to restore. Note also that Democrats with all their bluster have done nothing for minorities. The system was ruined long ago when both parties and the Supreme Court sold their souls for money and wealth. Yes, if you know how to follow the money it is clear the Supreme Court is also bought It is a damn shame we are so short on real leaders that we have to resort to this man.

    The Supreme Court is as unhealthy a branch as it the Legislative. Their mindset is a result of partisanship and does not embrace the people Citizens United defies our entire Founding and when Trump appoints a judge or two fairness to all will be jeopardized for decades. This Supreme Court adhering to the Constitution is a lie. Clearly Jefferson and Franklin would revolt with disbelief and severe admonition if they knew the Supreme Court departed so far from their effort as allow one man to contribute a billion dollars to an election.

    Immigration is a critical issue. To begin, the terrorist threat is very real well into the future. Drugs are a literal human scourge menacing our Cities and Countryside. The Southern border is a floodgate of drugs. The main target, American youth. Be sure this is temporary. The world is fraught with people fleeing their lands. Thousands from China, India and the Middle East have already been detained and numbers are increasing.

    We already have recklessly allowed an estimated 20 million to set up homes and enjoy education, health and other benefits. The problem is doing this under Trump. It is not likely we will remember who we are in this process. Deportation of those that have settled for long periods is cruel and inhuman. With Trump, Bannon and that ilk decency likely will not matter.

    Two thousand miles of open border across a moral country is a recipe and an invitation especially in these troubled times. It is not wrong to establish effective borders necessary to protect your land. So I am nearly I was about 25 when this started. I remember picking up the newspaper at the Atomic restaurant on Jefferson Street and reading about a factory moving overseas. Over a few months I noted that such articles had become common. Those old enough to remember will recall this went on with great frequency for decades.

    I recall being in awe as our leaders watched the demolition of the American Middle Class. Everyone was fine. Companies were not in financial danger. But the comradery that held us together after World War II had dissipated and the credo of greed took over. Executives throughout the business world realized that no one would stop them no matter how much they paid themselves. All they have to do is donate to politicians. Our lives were and are for sale by those we send to Washington.

    It became so in remaining industry that masses were paid a pittance compared to the fruit of their labor. Owners and Executives took the fruit of labor. Our Country withered. It was systemic failure of the highest order. There was no one at the helm. No one tried to stop this. What you have just read is the recipe for and essence of the Trump win. For 30 years I have been preaching the answer in this column. I am right but I am a tree falling in the woods with no one hearing.

    There is only one answer and it will work. Only then no other policy change will effect this —term limits will fail will there be true change in keeping with the people. Only then will mankind have a chance. Only then will the likes of Trump lose their attractiveness and be relegated to the dustbin of history as true greatness rises to the surface throughout our political landscape.

    America would again walk tall with its true essence restored. Our Leadership failure and sale has been colossal and ranks as the single cause of the destruction of the American beacon. The beacon that once was recognized internationally as showing the way to be the best than humans can be. Remove money from Politics and assume a system of public financing and that beacon will once again glow with human justice as the pursuit of human greatness is restored. Then we can bow our heads to the world in shameful apology that we let thinking that caused the holocaust into our once so humble, and so preciously hallowed home of the Presidents of the United States.

    And time and deed will heal this horrible self-inflicted wound. Preheat oven to degrees F degrees C. Place the celery, carrot, and onion pieces into the bottom of a roasting pan. Place the roast on top of the vegetables. Roast in the preheated oven for 30 minutes. Reduce oven temperature to degrees F degrees C , and roast until the meat is browned and an instant-read meat thermometer inserted into the thickest part of the roast reads to degrees F 54 to 57 degrees C for medium-rare. Remove from oven, transfer roast to a platter, and cover with a tent of aluminum foil.

    Allow to rest for 30 minutes. Temperature of the meat will rise about 10 degrees during resting time. To make au jus sauce, skim excess fat from the pan drippings in the roasting pan. Bring to a boil, scraping and dissolving any brown flavor bits from the bottom of the pan.

    Strain out and discard the vegetables. Combine the cornstarch and 1 Directions: teaspoon of water in a small bowl, and whisk the 1. The day before serving, remove the roast mixture into the sauce. Allow the sauce to thicken from the package, and dry thoroughly with paper slightly sauce will be thin , pour into a gravy towels.

    Set the roast on a baking sheet, and boat, and serve with roast. Remove from refrigerator 1 hour before cooking time to allow Prep Time: 15 min meat to reach room temperature. Rub the roast Cook Time: 2 Hours all over with horseradish and Dijon mustard. In a Ready In: 10 h 45 m bowl, mix together the kosher salt, black pepper, thyme, and garlic powder; sprinkle the spice mix Servings: 12 over the roast. Chicken Riggies Prime Rib with Broiled Shrimp Prime Rib with Broiled Scallops wrapped in bacon Welcome to the December Issue of Table Hopping!

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